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"Lightly cooked egg yolks

Beat in clean porcelain,

And if you want something superior

Sway while you beat:

Then add sugar

More than a pinch;

Take a large glass

And don’t scrimp

A little moss, and amber in a cup

Twenty or thirty jasmine flowers,

Clean a pair of lemons

To satisfy your taste.

Then leave it

To rest.

Until the aroma

Comes all out

Then calmly

(Quite inopportune!)

Choose, and remove

One by one

The white leaves

of the jasmine.

The green remains

of the lemons;

Then mix with

much water,

And rework

The mix

Sirred again

That gentle aroma

Gentle soup.

Worthy of the Cyprian

With extra fine muslin

Strain the mixture then place it

In golden container.

With bright crystal,

Between hidden swirls

Among its silver mines






Produced in Vallombrosa monastery:

Take it, chop it, and crush it.

Add salt, which stimulates, and


And if placed on wounds,

Heals them.

Very soon you can see them

Change from crystals to pearls.

And the cold truns them into snow.

This wonderful work

Restores the strength of the thirsty

At midday

Build a trench

Raised around

The Sorbettiera,

And when you see,

That around around

The cool rim

Of the pot adorned.

With a silver spoon in hand

Remove the frozen

And remove it again.

You will see that it reforms

in a moment,

Until very slowly



This and that

Between frozen and not frozen

You will see forming in multiple


And tightening little by little

Like well coagulated milk;

And Candiero it is called;

As it was called by the Sicilian.

Who first made it to battle the thirst

Of the Lord of Carbognano.


Lorenzo Magalotti

Del Candiero

In Bacchus in Tuscany. Dithyramb by Francesco Redi,

Bran Scholar, with Annotations. Florence, 1685.